The Importance of
Having a Vision

If you could describe, in some detail, what kind of a company you wanted to be five years from now… and shared it with every single employee… the result would be the focus of energy with the power to carve a clear path to success.

In today’s changing and complex marketplace, this description can be difficult to articulate, but those who do have a distinct competitive advantage, i.e. the harnessing of powerful energy that is the key to high performance teamwork.

Let’s call this description a “Vision” or “Mission.” If you don’t have one, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

If you know exactly what you want to be and/or achieve, then craft it in writing and sell it to your key players before broad distribution to employees.

If you are unsure about a vision for your company, then you have an opportunity to involve your management team in its creation. With involvement, you get commitment, and commitment is the key to achievement. In this situation, an outside facilitator can be very helpful.

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, discovered in his research that the “Great” companies had a BHAG, i.e. a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal.” This is a dramatic (and real) way to harness the imaginations of all employees. We human beings like to “go for it.” Powerful stuff.


I’ve enclosed a variety of Vision/Mission statements from clients I assisted. Notice the importance of values in these examples. Shared values create energy.

Arden International Kitchens, Inc. Mission Statement

To build a profitable foodservice manufacturing business producing distinctive frozen entrees and sauces that feature outstanding quality and service while exceeding our customer’s operational expectations.


“The Customer’s Point of View” will always be given top priority.

We will treat every employee, supplier, distributor, broker, shareholder and customer as an individual in the same way we would expect each of them to treat us.

We will help our people grow as individuals by improving their skills and knowledge through company sponsored training opportunities. We will encourage reading, listening and learning from our mistakes.

We will maintain a compensation program that is not only fair but inspires people to give their very best.

We will deliver a level of quality in our products and service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Orderliness and cleanliness will be the hallmark of any visit to our facilities.

Expectations of the company will be enhanced through standardization of systems and accountability for actions.

Teamwork, interdepartmental cooperation and communications are required elements of quality performance.


T.Y. Lin Mission Statement

We are a full-service structural and civil engineering company operating worldwide, committed to innovation and excellence. Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction by developing the best possible solution to each design problem. We believe in the abilities of our employees to make the difference in meeting the needs of our clients, and we work as a team to put quality and environmental considerations in every project we undertake.

We pursue manageable growth of the company by investing in the growth of our people. We reaffirm our leadership and credibility by continuing our pioneering efforts in the design of long-span structures, prestressing technology and new construction methods.

Our design approach is innovative when called for and conventional when appropriate.

With our growth, employees will benefit from new opportunities, professional development, challenges and shared profits. We will provide superior returns to our shareholders.


HSQ Mission Statement

Establish a leadership position in the design, construction and installation of computer monitoring and control systems serving the water/wastewater and related markets. Our marketing efforts will be directed primarily at domestic government agencies and government regulated companies.

Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering quality work on time and within specification. This goal will be accomplished by having the best Project Management in the business. Our skill and teamwork in this regard will be supported by continuous and rigorous training.

Our technological capability and credibility is enhanced through development of proprietary software and hardware products that support the systems we install. A program to upgrade these products with state-of-the-art development will be continuous.

It is our intent to grow and operate our business profitably to the benefit of our employee stockholders.

Frog’s Leap Mission Statement

Frog’s Leap has a mission to create, develop, maintain and enhance its unique character and place in the wine industry.

We will strive to produce wines of excellent value that are fresh, delicious and natural using the best of Napa Valley’s organically grown grapes. Our professional presentation will be juxtaposed with our image of irreverent humor, fun, genuine hospitality, openness and honest caring.

We will strive to make a positive influence in the quality of life of those who work, for us and with us. We will always strive to learn, improve and grow as people and as a business.

We will strive to become industry leaders by emphasizing the things we do best, never forsaking our belief that wine is a wonderful part of life, not life itself.

We will strive to succeed as a business growing in strength and profitability and share that success with those who have provided for it.

We will strive to be proactive community citizens supporting worthy environmental and social goals.

We will strive to make a difference, to leave a legacy.