Total Quality Commitment (TQC) … This is a 2 to 3-year cultural intervention requiring sponsorship by the CEO. Its premise:

That management does not have all the answers.

That all people have ideas about how their work can be done more effectively.

That people closest to the problems often have the best solutions.

That this almost unlimited source of knowledge and creativity can be tapped through employee engagement.

The outcome: A cohesive, results-driven team that focuses on superb customer service and increased productivity. “See the description of Larry’s new book on this website. The book Engage, Commit, Grow! is a guide for management on how to create and sustain a culture of high performance.”
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Company-wide Assessment … This is a comprehensive survey involving one-on-one interviews with employees (they are promised anonymity) that gives management a clear picture of how the company is seen through their eyes. I call this a “Reality Check”. You learn where the real leverage resides for significant growth and progress. Larry Smith gives you his analysis and recommendations.
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Facilitation of Meetings/Retreats … By using a narrative questionnaire in advance of your retreat, participants can see their responses juxtaposed with their colleagues’ responses. This provides a very rich stimulus for discussion and, for the time spent together, a much more useful and rewarding experience.
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Team Collaboration Plans … This is a new approach. It replaces the hated annual performance review which places the supervisor in the role of “god and judge” and the employee in the role of “apprehensive defendant.” Larry Smith offers a service to help you implement a Collaboration Plan program in your company. See the White Paper for complete description.
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