Company-wide Assessment

(aka Reality Check)

When you undertake my Assessment, you will learn how employees see problems, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, communication effectiveness, organization structure, wishes for change, management improvement, leadership effectiveness and, of course, customer service and sales.

GE’s Jack Welch, in Straight From the Gut, says, “Knowing and confronting what is on the minds of employees is a requirement of successful CEOs.

Jim Collins, author of Good to GreatGood to Great, discovered in his research that “Great” companies have embraced a culture of facing the “brutal truth”… rose colored glasses don’t exist.

Successful CEOs and managers don’t rely on their own perceptions of how things are. They find a dispassionate, objective, third party to provide that true picture. It’s a reality check… yes, a measure of your stewardship.

I have developed The Assessment and can guarantee it delivers an actionable reality check for you. Over the past 30 years, I’ve developed the questions and proven it works. The data collected and the insights produced will give you a clear basis for corrective action and improved productivity.

Although big, expensive Stake-Holder Surveys have their place, I have found that face-to-face, in depth interviews with employees (they are given anonymity) provides the optimum view of reality. This method allows probing for the truth. The questions I ask will give you a clear assessment of how employees see improving performance of your company.

What you also will get from The Assessment are my observations, conclusions and recommendations.

So, crank up your courage and do a “Reality Check.”